Welcome to PSTG Consulting

Over the years, PSTG Consulting has evolved and matured into a highly respected, globally recognized company. Specializing in delivering breakthrough business transformation solutions for public sector clients, PSTG offers unmatched quality, guaranteed objectivity and outstanding value for money. We have been selected for some of the toughest assignments in all of consulting – in  Canada and abroad. Again and again we have delivered – delighting our clients and watching our reputation continue to soar.  …more

PSTG has worked with every level of government from national governments to small municipalities; with every Ministry – from Education, to Finance, to National Security; and with all forms of Agencies, Boards, Commissions and State Enterprises. Our depth of expertise and broad skill-set allows us to support clients during every phase of a transformation initiative … more

What truly sets PSTG apart from our competitors is our amazing team of consultants. We have multi-talented practitioners working in a profession they love and for a company that encourages them to constantly raise the bar and delight our clients …more