Saira Jasmin Ali is the Office Manager at PSTG Caribbean, located in Trinidad. This demanding environment requires a strong ability to plan and coordinate, in order to meet everyday challenges. Saira’s managerial role seeks to ensure the functional and successful running of PSTG Caribbean, with emphasis on attending to all administrative & accounting needs, planning events, assisting in the recruitment process, and liaising with Consultants to lend support to projects and presentations, to name a few.

Saira is a business professional who has over 12 years experience in the Administration, Accounting, Clerical, Human Resource, Advertising, and Sales fields. Her great sense of organisation and responsibility, coupled with her positive attitude, is what enables her to deliver time and time again, no matter what the challenge. She is currently pursuing her Master of Business Administration (MBA). She holds an Associate Degree in Business Management (ABE), and a Diploma in Banking, Commerce & Finance (LCCI).