Makesi Augustus is a Senior Consultant based primarily out of the Caribbean office of PSTG Consulting Inc, PSTG Caribbean. Armed with foreign language skills in Spanish and French, along with his Bachelors of Science degree in Information Systems and Management, and Masters of Science degree in International Management, Makesi brought a wealth of experience from his tenure in the Caribbean region’s high-powered private sector. His ambition, diligence and personality led to his rapid upward mobility and the various leadership roles that he held during his career there. His experience transcends the fields of Customer Service, Relationship Management, Marketing, Business Development, Administration, Human Resources, and General Management where he comfortably operated at the strategic and operational levels.

Since on-board with PSTG, Makesi’s transferrable skills have been well utilised in varying roles, on a wide cross-section of projects. Leading, as well as following, this capable young man has been involved in everything from project management and e-government to human resource management and transformation management, and everything in between, and has travelled the world-over flying the PSTG flag high. He is truly a utilitarian operative.