Culture – (kûl´cher) n. 1. State of manners, taste and intellectual development at a time or place.


Culture. It’s hard to define precisely; nevertheless it’s a word we use a lot at PSTG. We know that it’s a critical component in our drive to become leaders in transformation consulting and to maintain an environment where everyone enjoys coming to work each day.

PSTG’s culture is a potent cocktail of intellect, wit, diversity and openness that allows us to excel at everything we do – and to have fun and learn at the same time.

On day one of PSTG’s existence, we wrote down some guiding principles for the development of our culture:

  • Mutual respect
  • Have fun at work
  • Respect diversity – no “cloning”
  • Openness
  • Healthy “zingers”
  • Laughter stimulates creativity
  • Minimal hierarchy
  • No politics
  • Limited policy
  • Learn to listen
  • Collective contribution is far stronger than individual contribution

As we have grown, we have found that we go back to these guiding principles more and more. And more and more we realize that they must never change. They are the reason for our amazing success and the foundation for our future.

We have an awesome culture at PSTG. Every day we look for new ways to make it even more powerful.