The PSTG team has a vast amount of experience.  Most of us have worked for, and consulted to, government for many years.  We know the challenges that publicly funded organizations face today, and fully appreciate the constraints and realities that government departments and agencies often have to operate within.  Because PSTG is a specialist public sector transformation consultancy, we also know the best way to work within those constraints to design and implement innovative and pragmatic solutions that significantly improve service delivery and organizational effectiveness for our clients.

Over the past fifteen years PSTG has successfully completed over one thousand consulting assignments.  During that time, we have assembled an impressive list of clients, ranging from national governments to small municipalities and not-for-profit agencies. What makes us particularly proud is that the great majority of our clients have been so pleased with PSTG’s ability to help that they have invited us back time and time again to assist them with additional elements of their transformation initiatives.

If you need a specialist consulting firm to assist with any aspect of your transformation project, or if you want to find out more about our company, our experience or our services please contact us by email - or telephone – +1 416 593 0000